Mission Statement

Sungrown Bakery was founded with you in mind. We understand that life can be hard, stressful, and overwhelming. We wanted a way for people to escape from reality, if only for a few moments, by eating a sweet and delicious treat. We only want the best for our community so we decided to use clean wholesome ingredients. These ingredients do not include any animal by-product and cause no harm to our beautiful home- planet Earth. We believe in transparency, which is why we list every ingredient that goes into the goods we bake. We understand you care about your health just as much as we do.

We know some days are worse than others, and for that, we’ve implemented a line of desserts infused with cannabidiol, also known as, CBD. This lovely ingredient has been shown to decrease anxiety, depression, and insomnia. We felt like we had an obligation to include this in our desserts so that our community's happiness could grow.

Sungrown Bakery hopes to create a positive impact on society through education, communication, and delicious baked desserts.